Helping people overcome anxiety since 2005.

I'm Brad Greentree and I've been working in the personal
and professional development industry for almost 15 years.
In that time I've trained thousands of people using tried and
tested human behaviour techniques to overcome mental and physical
challenges and be the best version of themselves.

Anxiety is on the rise. You don't need to live with it.
Take action today to make your anxiety history.


Access 3 ULTIMATE ANXIETY CRUSHING TECHNIQUES IN 7 MINUTES VIDEO & start controlling your anxiety today.

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  • LEADERS & BUSINESS OWNERS Is your professional performance being impacted by your anxiety? Is your team's productivity not what it could be due to anxiety in the workplace? Many high achievers and business leaders suffer from anxiety. Don't let this be you or your team.
  • PARENTS & KIDS More and more kids are experiencing anxiety, and at younger and younger ages. Radical changes in the way we live along with increased screen time is one cause. Anxious parents are another. But it's fixable. We can help you and your child.
  • NO IDEA WHY Anyone can be hit by anxiety. One thing's for sure, whether it's an out of nowhere panic attack, or long term chronic self-doubt and social isolation, anxiety can leave you feeling desperate and alone. You can overcome it & create a life you want.
  • Is anxiety holding you back?

    • Do you avoid situations that could make you feel anxious?
    • Do you find that avoiding situations has an effect on your study?
    • Do you find that avoiding situations has an effect on your work?
    • Do you find that avoiding situations has an effect on your social life?

  • Can you overcome anxiety?

    Yes you can!
    You might think that you can’t get over your anxiety, but guess what? You don’t need to get over it. In certain situations, low levels of anxiety are completely normal. It’s what motivates you to get out of your comfort zone, to stretch and grow.

    It is possible for you to overcome your anxiety and perform at your best, personally and professionally.

We are committed to helping you.
Are you committed to helping you?

If you're suffering from anxiety in its various forms, you're definitely not alone. Globally millions of people, just like you suffer, often in silence, from the many, debilitating effects of anxiety.

Do you want to be great parent?
• Does the fear of child birth or bringing another human being give you anxiety?
• Do you want to make sure you do not pass on anxiety to your child?
• Do you find that you are overreacting to situations that you child is involved in?

Are you ready?
Given the years of experience I have had in helping people just like you I know too well just how free you become once you master the steps to make anxiety history! By dealing with the fear you unlock your true potential and can then achieve amazing results. Imagine the extra energy that is freed up when anxiety is no longer holding you back. Imagine waking up after a full night’s sleep ready to take on the day and challenges in an empowering way.

I have found that many people use their anxiety as a reason to not step out to be challenged and grow. I have found that many people say they want to get rid or better manage their anxiety yet are not willing to do the work themselves. Medication for many is the easy way out however with side effects and the cost long term it does not solve your anxiety it is just a band aid or coping solution.

True empowerment is being able to face the challenges you come across, feel anxiety and then overcome anxiety. This is not only very possible it is the ultimate in personal empowerment!

Here is your chance to find out how you can join the 1000 of people that have Made Anxiety History!


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Access 3 ULTIMATE ANXIETY CRUSHING TECHNIQUES IN 7 MINUTES VIDEO & start controlling your anxiety today.

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Are you suffering from the physical symptoms of anxiety?
• Having uncontrolled panic attacks
• Experiencing hot and cold flushes
• Find your heart racing uncontrollably
• Experiencing the sensation of tightening of the chest
• Find yourself breathing quickly and uncontrollably
• Have a constant feeling of being tense
• Feel wound up and irritable but don't know why

Are you suffering from the psychological symptoms of anxiety?
• Spending excessive time in a state of fear about events coming up in the future
• Spending excessive time catastrophizing on world events
• Spending excessive time over-thinking, over-analysing or obsessing over things you don't need to be

Is anxiety having a negative effect on your career?
• Does the idea of public speaking make you almost vomit?
• Do you worry about breaking into a sweat at a work task and not being able to breathe?
• Does going for a work promotion or a performance review have you lose sleep?
• Does the stress of anxiety build to a point that you are un-resourceful and snap?

Is anxiety having a negative effect on your relationship potential?
• Are you single and the fear of going on dates or having to get outside of your comfort zone leads to anxiety?
• Do you have anxiety about not being able to find a partner?
• Do you find yourself binging on Netflix and spending hours on social media wishing you could be out & enjoying life?
• Are you feeling as though you're not enough which stops you from engaging socially?
• Do you find yourself having an opinion but can't contribute to a conversation?


  • ONLINE PROGRAM Deal with anxiety in the comfort and privacy of your own home with Brad's online program. Brad can be accessible for extra support if required. For less severe anxiety or out of the blue panic attacks, this might be just the thing for you to get on with living a more balanced, calm and optimal life.
  • ONE ON ONE SESSION Sometimes extra support can help, especially if it's a long term issue that you've tried to deal with in the past, with little success. Brad can tailor the proven tools & techniques he uses so that no matter what your personal situation is, he can help you overcome the anxiety that is holding you back.
  • GROUP WORKSHOPS A targeted workshop can help where a group's performance is impacted by anxiety. By creating a safe space within the group, Brad can bring his vast experience in optimising personal and professional performance and work with the team on a universally agreed outcome.

    We have made the process accessible to everyone.
    No matter what your gender, age or background,
    the Make Anxiety History program can help you
    overcome anxiety today.


    "As a therapist I had an old way of thinking about my anxiety and the anxiety of my clients. Now I have made anxiety history! I want to thank Brad Greentree for his guidance in helping me to completely change my thinking around anxiety and build my skills, resilience and ability to be anxiety free."

    Georgina Anderson
    Georgina Anderson Hope Counsellng and Psychotherapist

    My name is Sinead Perks and I used to have anxiety. As a 16-17 year old going through preparation of my end of year exams I had to deal with anxiety about the exam and life every day. I also had to deal with the anxiety about what other people think about me. I have made Anxiety history now I enjoy running a successful bar and manage staff that are older than me and I am confident in what I do, every day I enjoy being free of anxiety!

    Sinead Perks
    Sinead Perks Hotel Richmond

    "I had anxiety before the training with Brad; have had big improvement since. Before it was around 8/10, now I'm a 2/10 and am no longer getting up in the middle of the night feeling sick with all the things I worry about. Love a full night's sleep."

    Anne Correy, Brisbane
    Anne Correy, Brisbane

    I met Brad at the NLP Practitioner’s training last month & had great results, I specifically had anxiety with claustrophobic tendencies and also anxiety towards flying. I have found since the course & working with Brad anxiety levels are now at a minimum & I didn’t think twice about flight to Sydney. Thank you very much & now I feel more equipped to have the tools to deal with any other emotions that occur.

    Angela-Rose Mangano
    Angela-Rose Mangano


    Brad Greentree is a performance  & development coach. He's trained and coached thousands of people in his 15+ years in the development industry. More if you count his 10+ years experience as a dive instructor and small business owner.

    Brad's mission is to help as many people live fulfilling and productive lives. No matter what your age, gender or background, the tools and techniques Brad has mastered can help you not just survive, but thrive.


    Access 3 ULTIMATE ANXIETY CRUSHING TECHNIQUES IN 7 MINUTES & start controlling your anxiety today.

    And don’t forget to book your free chat with a Make Anxiety History Coach.

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